Lee & Lydia - August 2, 2003Lee & Lydia - August 2, 2003
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Start spreading the news!
Start spreading the news!!! You can almost hear Shawn belting out his nuptial speciality. Visit this page for regular updates on the big event.

June 28, 2003
Dorothy and Denise hosted a wonderful shower for Lydia. It was beautiful. Thanks so much to all the guests for sharing the day with us. We have posted pictures from the event.

June 25, 2003
We finally have a bunch of news. First of all, be sure to sign our newly added Guestbook. For all of you who are traveling from out of town, we have added a Travel Info page for details on airports, hotels, etc.... We were able to get some really good rates, so be sure to check it out.

BIG THANKS go out to Jennie for creating the wonderful invitations. We have finally sent them out - phew! Lydia is very excited about her shower this weekend and is grateful to Dorothy and Denise for being such gracious hosts.

May 17, 2003
Okay, okay, okay... we've been really behind about making updates. We'll add some more news soon, but what you should all check out is the new page to submit reception song requests. Click here!

March 17, 2003
We finally received a nasty letter from the Neighborhood Association regarding our delinquency with the back yard. Ooops! Our current goal is to have the "california natives" cleaned out and the backyard complete by the time of the wedding - just because we were feeling like we didn't already have enough to do. We pleaded our case to the Association and it seems like we were able to placate them at least temporarily. Happy St. Patty's Day!

March 12, 2003
Jennie came out to visit for spring break. After visiting many different shops for Bridesmaid dresses, Jennie decides she likes the orange muumuus we found in Chinatown. I think not.

March 8, 2003
We attempted to register at Crate and Barrel. Who knew there were so many different kinds of forks. We've decided that it is going to work best for us to work from the online registry. We'll let you all know once we've actually got some items in there.

March 7, 2003
Web Site launched.

February 26, 2003
Lydia finalizes decision on her gown, thanks to A LOT of help from Denise. It is decided that the beautiful dress at Mon Amie is in fact better than the white prom dress Lydia liked at Jessica McClintock.

January 11, 2003, 8:05 pm
Lee puts the kibosh on the SOM idea.

January 11, 2003, 8:00 pm
Lydia hatches plan to use a Sound of Music theme for the wedding. Edelweiss would play for the processional, Something Good could be the first dance. Tracey suggests a bridesmaids' rendition of So Long, Farewell.

January 10, 2003, 8:05 pm
Lee puts the kibosh on the LOTR idea.

January 10, 2003, 8:00 pm
Lydia hatches plan to use a Lord of the Rings theme for the wedding; she envisions assigning guests to tables named 'Middle Earth', 'Gondor', 'Rivendell', etc... She thinks the whole 'ringbearer' role works well. There is a restaurant called 'the Hobbit' in Orange - it's all fitting together REALLY nicely.

December 6-8, 2002
We celebrated our engagement at the beautiful Santa Barbara resort, Bacara.

December 5, 2002
We got engaged......finally!
Lydia thought that we were having just another night of Sam Woo's take out. When we finished the meal, she was suprised to find a single fortune cookie. (Normally, SW's does't give fortune cookies but Lydia figured that they threw the fortune cookie in since Lee picked up the food). Lydia offered to split the cookie with Lee but he declined. When she opened the cookie - much to her surprise - the fortune said, "Lydia, will you marry me?". She looked shocked, and perplexed about why the fortune had her name on it. By the time Lydia realized what was going on, Lee was kneeling with the ring extended and he officially proposed.

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